The cage itself is only 4'x4' in size. The backdrop is another 4' wide which makes this dunk tank compact. It comes apart to fit in the most narrow of pathways. It takes 400 gallons of water to completely fill this tank up. We include the balls and cones to help set up a throwing line. A mat can be included if the set up is on cement.

Water Slide

New for 2017, we have an 18' tall slide. Set it up to the edge of your pool and slide right into it! Measures 25' long and 10' wide. Just one outlet required to blow up.

Dunk Tank

Climb around palm trees, jump over treasure chests, and climb up and over a whale and slide down it's back. Try not falling off this 55 foot long floating obstacle island. Only requires one outlet to keep this inflatable afloat. 

Water Obstacle Island