cosmo jump party rentals

Coronavirus Information

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to inform our customers of what we are doing to help in the prevention of the spreading of this disease. Please note that any jumper prior to being set up and delivered will be sprayed and wiped down with a Lysol disinfectant spray. That includes any tables or chairs that get delivered, as well. We do recommend using disposable table cloths regardless if you are using them for just gifts but especially for food purposes. Don't be alarmed if a driver is wiping down a jumper after it's inflated. 

We have usually been against using products with bleach because of the smell and effect it can have on people and kids using the inflatable. Some people like the smell of bleach because it gives the sense of being clean. Others find it nauseating. Circumstances dictate that it's something that will need to be tolerated.

The normal product we use is called LA's Totally Awesome.

It's a wonderful safe product that works great on jumpers against mildew. We do ask that customers help in the situation by having their children sanitize or wash their hands prior to using the inflatable but especially after eating foods. There are rules on every inflatable stating that no food is to be eaten inside the jumper, however it still happens. Our main culprit is goodie bags. To help prevent this, it's best if parents hand out goodie bags at the end of the party as the guest leaves or not offer any form of edible goods in the goodie bags.

Also, as parents and/or hosts, please ask your guests to be cognitive of their child's health situation prior to planning or attending an event. There is no such thing as being "rude" in asking certain questions in the circumstances that find ourselves in today.

Eric Ramirez