cosmo jump party rentals



We're happy to offer a variety of items for parties/events.

 Let us deal with the hassle of loading and unloading!

Unfortunately, we don't offer a "package" deal. Prices are itemized accordingly. 

​Lifetime folding chairs: $2.50 each. Very durable. Not the typical fragile chairs most other companies use.

Sling chairs:$3.50 each. Coral or Blue. Limited quantity available. They're comfortable and make a great sitting area.

Tables: Come in 6' and 8' lengths. (30" wide) $12 and $15 respectively.

Kid's tables: $12 each. 4' in length and 30" wide

Kid's chairs: $3.00 each. Come in Red or Lime Green

10' x 10' Canopies: $55 each. Colors may vary

10' x 20' Canopy: $150

Generators: $75-$95 Rates vary 


​and more